The Badger Milk

Badger Milk Farms
  • Badger milk is just like steroids just a little more healthy
    On my Badger farm we hand milk every bager for the best milk possible. Nothing is more important to us here at Bilk Farms than customer satisfaction.
    Made from the best stuff on earth soon we will be selling chocolate badger milk no you didnt read that wrong thats right CHOCOLATE badger milk coming as soon as next year.
    If you buy one ounce of badger milk now I will throw in 2 bager milk cups. Think im done there?!?! Ill throw in 4 bager milk milkshake formulas if you order right now!!
  • 1 ounce $50
  • 2 ounces $100
  • 3 ounces $150
  • Bilk shirt $25
  • badgers

  • Badger milk will make you strong as a 1000 badgers within hours